Flower vintage 1960s pop beads necklace

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Connect together, pull apart, lengthen and shorten to your hearts desire!

Vintage deadstock necklaces in a choice of five colours. 

Pop Beads (also known as Snap beads and Pop It beads) were a fun youth fashion fab in the 1950s and 1960s, enabling you to shorten or lengthen your necklace to suit your outfit by simply pulling them apart and adding or taking away beads.

These plastic pop beads are slightly different to the normal ones, as they are little rose shapes.

There are enough beads in this set to wear as one very long necklace, or take some away to make a bracelet or two!

  • available in lime green, red, pink, yellow or navy blue
  • necklace measures approx 48" long
  • beads can be added or taken away, or connect them all!
  • each single bead is just over 1/2" long unconnected

In great unused vintage condition. How about buying more colours and mixing them up a bit?



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